Yes, we can live with bears. This lecture incorporates an informative PowerPoint presentation explaining Florida Black bear natural history, biology, dynamics of bear habitat HBC (human bear conflict), and Government involvement.

Florida black bears are mainly solitary, except when in groups or pairings during mating season. Although they are solitary mammals, in general, most are not territorial, and typically do not defend their range from other bears. Black bears have good eyesight, acute hearing and an excellent sense of smell. Like all bear species, the Florida black bear has evolved the ability to self-regulate populations based on available calories consumed.

Requirements to Attend:

  • Need to be 16 years of age or older.
  • Be ready to learn!
  • Be ready to laugh!
  • Pricing

  • 2 hr Interactive Lecture: $25 per person
  • Group Pricing

  • 2 hr (10+ people) Interactive Lecture: $20 per person