This lecture includes the natural history and biology of spiders including scorpions. It also touches on other arachnids such as Uropydgidae (whip Scorpions) and Amblypygids (tailless whip scorpions).

Arachnids are a diverse group of fauna. They all have eight legs, and two body segments, they can have from 0-8 eyes depending on species. All spiders are predators and most are venomous. The behavior of many species is nothing less than amazing.

Requirements to Attend:

  • Need to be 16 years of age or older.
  • Be ready to learn!
  • Be ready to laugh!
  • Pricing

  • 2 hr Interactive Lecture: $25 per person
  • Group Pricing

  • 2 hr (10+ people) Interactive Lecture: $20 per person