About Fred

Fred Bohler is a wildlife enthusiast and has worked in the capacity of herpetologist and animal care specialist for zoological institutions and various government agencies. Fred's main focus is with Arachnids and reptiles including venomous and crocodilians.

He has worked in the medium of radio and television including programs such as Animal Planet. Fred is also a former bear response agent for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. In that capacity, Fred caught and collected data from the Florida black bear.

His “life mission” is solving myths and correcting ignorance through ecological education for the general public as well as one on one.

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"Working in a nature preserve in FL, I was overly cautious of anything creepy, crawling, and growing. I'm originally from MI and spent 40 years there. I didn't grow up with all the wonderful things FL has to offer. I actually killed a Cotton Mouth that was heading into our pasture. I thought it was the right thing to do to protect our horses. After meeting and working with Fred, he educated me in a way that is now fun. I now can share the knowledge he gave me with others. Saving all creatures big and small. Nothing is more fun than Fred mid-sentence, grabbing his glasses, leaning down and picking up a little bug that he had seen from 10ft away. "Look at this, a..." (fill in name). The passion he has can't help but rub off on anyone around him. Keep doing what you do Fred Bohler. You, sir, are making a difference in this world."

Lynn P. Uutinen

"Fred Bohler has a passion for all living creatures that he shares with all lucky enough to here him speak about their habits, homes, and the unique aspects of their lives. We took our granddaughter to many of his lectures and she always left with a better appreciation for nature, and the beautiful creatures large and small who call it home. Fred not only loves these animals, he makes people understand their place in our lives and how we all should respect and value their existence. More that this, he is a good man and has a warm heart. Thank you for sharing your love for nature with our family, Fred. We are better people as a result."

Keith Douglas

"After working with you at the Central Florida Zoo, I now save all the spiders in my house. My husband just laughs at me. I have learned so much from you, even after you left the zoo. In fact, I used one of your great teachings at the zoo yesterday in a meeting, about going out at night and using a flashlight, and shining it on the grass, and you can see little tiny sparkles, which are the eyes of spiders. Everybody loved it and were amazed. Thank you for all of your interesting information Fred."

Deann Baird

"You, my friend, have taught me everything I know about inverts. You were my mentor at Disney and you continue to be my inspiriration. You're the reason I have grown to love and respect all the little creatures...especially spiders! I can't thank you enough for opening my eyes, my mind, and my heart to the beauty and importance of inverts!"

Libby Jones

"Owner of Wekiva Island. I have changed my view of spiders because of Fred Bohler!! I used to kill them all simply because they are spiders. Now I don't because you taught me they are not bad! Thank you!!"

Mary Sue Weinaug

"I woke up to a giant Wolf spider running under my door into my bedroom...after fearfully throwing a shoe at him, I scooped him up in a cup and put him outside. You saved him Fred, I would have sqaushed him with that shoe if not for you."

Rose Trembly

"As one of my early mentors at the CFZ, you taught me a lot of interesting information in a funny/entertaining way. Passion for wildlife shouldn't stop at cute and cuddly! I continue to learn from your current posts, 25 years later!"

Myriah Lortz